Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Thriving economic relations between China and Uzbekistan

CCTV.com  06-22-2016

Relations between China and Uzbekistan are developing in a sustainable way. Fruitful results have also been achieved in bilateral economic cooperation.  The Belt and Road Initiative drove the two countries to achieve consensus on many major cooperation projects. For example, the China Railway Tunnel Group completed construction of the longest railway tunnel in Central Asia - the 19.2-km Qamchiq Tunnel - earlier this year. This project is expected to inject fresh impetus into local economic development.  At the same time, other projects such as the China-Central Asia gas pipeline and the China Industrial Park covering the energy, transport, chemical and high-tech sectors are going well.  According to the Chinese Ambassador to Uzbekistan, there are currently over 600 Chinese enterprises operating in various fields in Uzbekistan, including energy, telecommunications, infrastructure construction and textiles. China is now Uzbekistan's second largest trade partner. Investment by these Chinese enterprises has created jobs and helped drive local economic development.