Saturday, June 25, 2016

Call for research participants - non-Chinese academics working in mainland China

Foreign academics working in mainland Chinese universities: Documenting and sharing teaching, learning and research experiences

As China continues to internationalise its tertiary sector, increasing numbers of non-Chinese academics are working in universities in the mainland. At the same time, increasing numbers of Chinese students are traveling abroad to study. This research project aims to document the experiences of foreign academics teaching and researching in China, whether in a local institution, a joint program or an offshore campus. These experiences have potential to contribute to those teaching the increasing numbers of Chinese students who are studying abroad, and to those working within the building of effective transnational education programs.
This research aims to provide both practical information that may be valuable to those working in the international education sector, and to contribute to theoretical discussions about the relationship between culture, knowledge and understandings of educational practice.
 This research explores the hypothesis that foreign academics in China may be learning new ways to approach their discipline’s key issues and to consider new and alternative knowledge. This study will examine the way that knowledge is constructed in a cross-cultural setting and how notions of ‘critical thought’ are understood and conceptualized.
Interviews are taking place now either via phone, or, if possible, in person. Some questions you may expect include:  What are the key challenges to your role? What are the key opportunities the role provides for you? How is working in China different to your experience in other countries? Have you changed your teaching or research practice since taking up your position in China? What advice do you have for other foreign academics working in China? What could your experience contribute to those teaching Chinese students in your home country?
All interviews will be treated confidentially and all results will protect participant’s anonymity.

Invitation to participate
This research project is seeking interviews with foreign (non-Chinese) academics working in any discipline in either a mainland tertiary institution, a joint program or in an offshore campus.
Participants should be career academics who are qualified with a PhD and who are teaching at least a percentage of their time in China.
If this sounds like you, please get in touch with Dr Angela Lehmann at Department of Sociology and Social Work at The University of Xiamen: (email) lehmann(at) (wechat) AngelaLehmann or (mobile) +8615960843826 to arrange an interview.