Thursday, June 30, 2022

China's Digital Expansion in the Global South Workshop - Jul 21, 2022 10:00 AM in London

China is fast-emerging as a global digital superpower and has a rapidly-growing digital presence in other low- and middle-income developing countries of the global South. Yet research to date has been relatively limited on this rising phenomenon which is having important economic, social, political and geopolitical impacts. This online workshop – to be held 1000-1730 (UK time/BST) on Thursday July 21st 2022 – will present new findings based on primary research in the global South, and also provide a space to reflect on the agenda and collaborations for future research. Details: Registration:

Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Philosophies of Co-Becoming and the Sino-Island: An International Conference (July 8-9, National Sun Yat-sen University)

Philosophies of Co-Becoming and the Sino-Island is an international conference that will take place on July 8-9, 2022. It will bring scholars together from half a dozen countries to discuss the notion of a philosophy of co-becoming (共生哲學) in our contemporary world. Many of the conference organizers work and teach on the island of Taiwan, which we call the Sino-island, to denote the island's long history as a center of immigration for Sinitic speaking peoples, as well as its rich Sinological institutions and scholarly traditions. In a contemporary world riven by nationalist rivalry, economic inequality, the ravages of climate change, and a global pandemic whose effects are disproportionally borne across diverse populations up to the present day, the notion of how to co-exist- with the natural world, with our own bodies, and with each other- has never been a more urgent one for contemporary thought.

Each panel of the conference will be live-streamed through Webex online software. To register to view the conference online, please fill out the following form:

The conference website can be found here:

The conference program can be found here:

This conference is co-sponsored by The Global Sinology Forum at National Sun Yat-Sen University, the National Library (ROC)'s Center for Chinese Studies, and the East Asian Academy for New Liberal Arts at The University of Tokyo.

Any inquiries regarding the conference can be directed to: The conference will be conducted in Chinese and English. The conference program below reflects local Taiwan time and dates. 

Conference Program

Date: July 8-9, 2022 (local Taiwan time)

July 8th  (Friday)

08:50  Opening Ceremony

Cheng Ying-Yao, President, National Sun Yet-sen University

Tseng Shu-Haien, Director General, National Central Library

Lai Shi-San, Dean, College of Liberal Arts, NSYSU

Mark McConaghy, Assistant Professor, Department of Chinese Literature, NSYSU

Panel 1 09:05-11:10

Moderator: Lin Chen-Kuo, National Cheng Chi University


1. Liu Chi-Hui, National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University

從「一分為二」出發,重新思考中國古典思想中的共生思維: 再論方以智的唯物辯證與一分為二

2. Yang Rur-Bin, National Tsing Hua University


3. Brook A. Ziporyn, The University of Chicago


4. Peng Hsiao-Yen, Academia Sinica


Panel 2 13:10- 14:45

Moderator: Peng Hsiao-Yen, Academia Sinica


1. Chung Chen-Yu, Academia Sinica


2. Lin Chen-Kuo, National Chengchi University


3. Chan Wing-Cheuk, Ministry of Science and Technology/ Academia Sinica


Panel 3 15:50-17:25

Moderator: Lai Shi-San, National Sun Yet-sen University


1. Norman Y. Teng, Academia Sinica


2. Sato Masayuki, National Taiwan University


3. Chen Yun, East China Normal University


July 9th  (Saturday)

Panel 4 09:05-11:10

Moderator: Yang Rur-bin, National Tsing Hua University


1. Lin Ming-Chao, National Taiwan University


2. Fabian Heubel, Academia Sinica


3. Lai Shi-San, National Sun Yet-sen University


4. Feng Cao, Renmin University of China


Panel 5 13:10- 14:45

Moderator: Liu Chi-Hui, National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University


1. Jana S. Rošker, University of Ljubljana

Methodological problems in transcultural philosophy: (post) comparative approaches and the method of sublation

2. ISHII Tsuyoshi, University of Tokyo


3. Hans-Rudolf Kantor, Huafan University


Panel 6 15:50-17:25


Norman Y. Teng Academia Sinca


1. Mark McConaghy, National Sun Yat-sen University


2. Jean-Yves Heurtebise, Fu Jen Catholic University

Transcultural Studies, Transcendental Philosophy & The Taiwanese Question

3. Lai Yi-Peng, National Sun Yet-sen University

Community and Co-Becoming in Contemporary Northern Irish/TaiwaneseFictional Writings

18:00 Closing Ceremony

Saturday, June 18, 2022

Pan-Islamism and Radicalization of Kashmiri Youth


Religious radicalization has its growing influence in the State of Jammu & Kashmir. Majority of the Muslim youth in the Kashmir Valley is increasingly inclining towards extremist political, social and religious ideas repudiating and challenging the status quo. There has been a sudden heave in Pan-Islamism in Kashmir’s Muslim society gradually marginalizing an initial pro-nationalist agenda of insurgency. Rabidly fanatical clerics are indoctrinating the youth with Wahhabi ideology, whereby they reject the old Kashmiri tradition of people visiting and paying obeisance at the shrines of popular saints (Sufis and Rishis), terming it a violation of the teachings of Islam.

For more information:

Friday, June 17, 2022

CFP: “Rethinking and Reassessing China’s Political Development: A Post- Pandemic Perspective” November 11-12, 2022 in Dallas, Texas.

Call for Proposals

“Rethinking and Reassessing China’s Political Development: 

A Post-Pandemic Perspective”

Association of Chinese Political Studies (ACPS)

The 34th ACPS Meeting and International Symposium

Co-hosted by Southern Methodist University, Dallas, TX


ACPS is pleased to announce that the Association of Chinese Political Studies and the John

Goodwin Tower Center for Public Policy and International Affairs at the Southern Methodist

University (SMU) will co-host the 34th ACPS Annual Meeting and International Symposium

between November 11-12, 2022 in Dallas, Texas.

ACPS has provided a robust platform to bring together Chinese political studies scholars from

around the world since the association’s founding in 1986. With over 1000 members from more

than a dozen countries across four continents, ACPS strives to create more and greater

opportunities for the scholarly and academic exchange on China and its political development by

hosting and co-hosting meetings and other academic activities around the world. The ACPS-

SMU partnership on the 2022 ACPS Annual Conference is established to further advance the

ACPS mission by bringing Chinese political studies scholars and their research to the rapidly

growing DFW metropolitan area.

As a top research university with an international reputation, the SMU’s vibrant campus has

helped shape Dallas to a global gateway for people from all backgrounds who wants to change

the world for over a century. It is home to over 1630 faculty/staff and more than 12,000

undergraduate and graduate students from eight degree-granting schools. With more than 126,

695 alumni worldwide, SMU has contributed to the world a long list of prominent leaders in all

fields including public service, science and education, law, arts and communication, business,

etc.. The John Goodwin Tower Center for Public Policy and International Affairs (Tower Center)

is a hub for hosting academic and scholarly events on public policy/international affairs on SMU


The ACPS partnership with the Tower Center at the Southern Methodist University will provide

a special opportunity to advance scholarly exchange and dialogue on China at this unique

juncture of history.

Conference Theme

Against the backdrop of an unprecedentedly dynamic situation of international politics, China is

currently undergoing major re-adjustments of its political economy, government structure and

policies, as well as its role in world affairs. The 34th ACPS Annual Meeting and International

Symposium seeks to explore the above political dynamics and their implications for China’s

future governance and international order.

We invite proposals of papers, panels, and roundtables that are relevant to the conference theme

and particularly welcome proposals examining the most recent institutional restructuring and re-

adjustments at the domestic level, as well as proposals assessing China’s positioning/re-

positioning strategy as a regional and global actor. ACPS values the diversity of methodology

and welcomes interdisciplinary and cross-disciplinary research employing both qualitative and

quantitative methods.

In addition to panels/roundtables featuring the most cutting-edge research on Chinese politics,


the conference will also include professional development sessions on teaching and publishing as


Publication Opportunities

Proposal Submission Procedures

Exemplary conference papers will have the opportunity to be published in edited book volumes

as well as to be considered for publication in the ACPS flagship journal, the Journal of Chinese

Political Science (JCPS).

The deadline for paper/panel proposal submission is July 29th, 2022. Current ACPS members

will receive priory consideration, though we seek high quality proposals in congruence with the

conference theme. Paper and panel proposals should be submitted via e-mail


For paper proposals, please include (1) paper title and abstract; (2) keywords indicating topic and

methodology; and (3) each author’s full name, institutional affiliation, and contact information.

The e-mail subject line for paper submissions should be “Paper Proposal Submission


For panel proposals, please include (1) panel title; (2) each paper’s title and abstract; (3) each  author’s full name, institutional affiliation, and contact information; (4) full name and contact information of the panel chair and discussant. Please use “Panel Proposal Submission

ACPS_2022” as the e-mail subject line.

Acceptance of Proposals

The review committee will issue notifications of acceptance, via email, to the primary author

listed in the paper or panel proposal. Notifications will be distributed by late August 2022.

Conference Registration Procedures

Volunteering, Mentoring, and Elections

The participants whose papers are accepted and plan to attend the conference must register for

the conference and pay a non-refundable registration fee via the ACPS website by September

15th, 2022. Individuals who have paid their ACPS membership dues and conference registration

fees in full are entitled to two free nights of lodging (11/10 and 11/11) and meals throughout

the duration of conference.

We welcome expressions of interest among all participants to serve as panel chairs and


Anyone interested in serving as a mentor or receiving mentoring should contact ACPS

Mentoring Director, Dr. Jing Chen, at Mentors and mentees will have a

chance over Saturday’s lunch to discuss research and career topics.

At this 34th ACPS Annual Meeting and International Symposium, we will hold elections for

the next ACPS Board, and, therefore, cordially welcome nominations (including self-

nominations) for the following positions: ACPS President, President-Elect, Treasurer,

Research Director, Membership and Mentoring Director, Publicity Director, and

Newsletter Editor.


For questions regarding the conference, please email:

Book Panel: Rethinking China, the Middle East and Asia in a 'Multiplex World'

Book Panel: Rethinking China, the Middle East and Asia in a 'Multiplex World'




Rethinking China, the Middle East and Asia in a 'Multiplex World'  

Brill 2022 

Volume: 128  Editors: Mojtaba Mahdavi and Tugrul Keskin


As the United States, fatigued by decades of war and conflict in the Middle East, seeks to limit its involvement there, China is extending its ties with both friends and foes of Washington across the region. States are increasingly looking to China not just to buy their oil, but to invest in their infrastructure and cooperate on technology and security, a trend that could accelerate as the United States pulls back. The editor and chapter contributors of the edited volume will shed light on the complexities and the nuances of China’s multifaceted expanding ties with the regions and the opportunities and the challenges that await all sides. By providing a synthesis of theoretical observations on the nature of China’s engagement with case study of key countries and regions that are China’s partner in Belt and Road Initiative, they offer thought and insights on the rapid changes surrounding China’s global rise and the regional transformation in context. 



Thursday, June 16, 2022

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5.      Two Systems, Two Countries A Nationalist Guide to Hong Kong by Kevin Carrico    

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10.  Racism for Sale - BBC Africa Eye documentary

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15.  What’s Lost in Translation? Discrepancies in Official Translations of China’s Foreign Policy Statements

16.  A fireside conversation with US Ambassador to China R. Nicholas Burns