Friday, June 24, 2016

The Foreign Minister of China, Wang Yi berates a journalist for her neo-orientalist question

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  1. American Journalists, brainwashed by their own establishment to believe lies and truth and vice versa. I have noticed for a long time on Social Media - that their tactics (American Establishment) are only successful on their own people lately, and that is starting to decline. It is extremely rude as well, considering that China funded the UNDF Platform in New York this year. Etc. How to migrate people from all Nations away from their MSM and looking at FACTS on Global Situations - that is the question. Not so necessary for Nations whose Media has Integrity, but for Countries like the USA and it's allies who adopt the same Tactics, it is the question. Social Media is playing a role. But the wall posts of facebook and Twitter do not show up in Internet and Google searches and optimization etc., which is why in the past week I have migrated to Google +, Blog Sites, etc. And I am going to encourage everyone else to do the same.