Friday, June 24, 2016

Cfp: China in the Middle East and Central Asia - 5th Global International Studies Conference 1-3 April, 2017 | National Taiwan University

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China in the Middle East and Central Asia

This Panel will be co-sponsored by
Center for Global Studies - Shanghai University

Fifth Global International Studies Conference
1-3 April, 2017 | National Taiwan University

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The World International Studies Committee is holding a conference in collaboration with the Taiwan Association of International Relations (TAIR) and National Taiwan University. The conference will take place on 1-3 April 2017 at National Taiwan University ( in Taipei.

After the start of the One Belt-One Road initiative, China has pursued strong cooperation with the Middle East and Central Asian countries. As a result of this initiative, President Xi Jinping has made several visits to these regions in order to promote strong and growing ties as well as economic investment. However, this “project” is not a new phenomenon for the region, actually it extends back centuries to traditional economic and social relations between Chinese, Muslims and Jews. On the other hand, Iran, Pakistan, Qatar, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Israel want to enhance or revitalize their trade with a globalized China. The Chinese President recently visited Uzbekistan and there he met with several other Presidents from the region. These events mark changing dynamics for Central Asian states vis a vis their growing relations with China. In this panel, we would like to review these changes and dynamics from economic, social and political perspectives.      

If you are interested in participating in our panel together on China in the Middle East and Central Asia, please let us know off the list. The deadline is the June 30 2016. We welcome submissions related to, but not limited to the following subjects:

-      China and the Middle East: Iran, Turkey, Israel and Arab World
-      China and Central Asian States: Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan and Turkmenistan

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Professor Guo Changgang, Shanghai University
Professor Tugrul Keskin Maltepe University and Shanghai University
Jonathan Fulton, Zayed University