Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Chinese lessons compulsory in Uzbek high schools

Han Peng

CCTV.com  06-22-2016 

Chinese language has become a compulsory course in a rising number of high schools in Uzbekistan. Learners were few a decade ago, but numbers have increased quickly in recent years, particularly after Chinese President Xi Jinping raised the initiative of building the Silk Road Economic Belt in 2013.  Writing in Chinese is tough enough for most foreigners. But these Uzbek students go one step further to learn Chinese calligraphy, an art even Chinese students can hardly master. And they are learning the oracle bone script, a form of writing that dates back three millennia.  The class is held as an extracurricular activity on weekends. The teacher says he is not expecting the students to become professional calligraphers or linguistics experts. The learning is all in the name of fun.