Sunday, June 19, 2016

Islam in China flourishing

PAKOBSERVER - Jun 08, 2016

Javed Akhtar

Islamabad—Islam in China is flourishing and Chinese Muslims are enjoying complete religious freedom. The prevailing Chinese laws protect normal religious activities. All normal religious activities, including attending religious services, fasting, worshiping Buddha, praying, preaching, reciting scriptures, burning incense, attending Mass, being baptized or ordained, observing extreme unction, holding memorial ceremonies, and celebrating religious festivals, that believers conduct at venues for religious activities or in their own homes in accordance with customary religious practices, are exclusive affairs of religious groups and the believers themselves.
These activities are protected by law, and no organization or individual may interfere with them. To ensure successful pilgrimages for believers in Islam, the largest Muslims’ populated region Xinjiang adopts a policy of organized and planned pilgrimages.
Since 1996 the Xinjiang government has arranged charter flights every year to take believers in Islam to Mecca in Saudi Arabia. The Xinjiang government funds medical care and interpretation for pilgrims, and offers other services to ensure safe and orderly pilgrimages.