Sunday, June 5, 2016

China-Qatar Relations: Media, Culture, Education, and People

THE HUFFINGTON POST -  05/18/2016 

Undeniably, the use of soft power has become an important element of China’s contemporary foreign strategy, and has been embraced in its foreign policy over the last two decades. In this case, although China becomes increasingly optimistic concerning its future growth, there is growing discomfort in some parts of the world regarding the implications of the nation’s rise. Moreover, many doubt whether a growing China can become a responsible and peaceful world power.
China realises the importance of cultural, educational and media resources to offer reassurance and engage in relationships with the outside world in order to avoid opposition to its ascendance. Although many have outlined China’s expanding use of soft-power in some parts of the world, its pivot in the Gulf has not received wide coverage. In reality, China has used soft-power resources to strengthen its foothold in the region; this is demonstrated well in the case of Qatar.