Sunday, June 19, 2016

Another venomous Western campaign

PAK0BSERVER -  Jun 09, 2016

IN line with its well-conceived and orchestrated annual agenda of maligning China this year too, on the eve of Holy month of Ramazan, the Western media has launched a fierce campaign against what it described, “banning of Ramazan in China”. A part of social media of Pakistan, devoid of any sense of responsibility, too has started advancing the malicious propaganda. It is understandable the sole purpose of the misleading and inciting fabricated and twisted stories is to cause an annoyance to the Pakistani Muslims and to prick the vast and unmatched reservoir of goodwill between Pakistan and China.
The fact remains that not only the top official in Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region publicly wished the area’s Muslims a happy Ramazan, the Chinese Government too has recently displayed a number of goodwill gestures to the followers of Islam and other religions. However, it is customary for the functionaries of any government to plead for peace and harmony. Even King Abdullah, the custodian of two holiest mosques, in his statement on the eve of Ramazan, read out by the Minister for Information and Culture has “called on Muslims to close ranks and renounce extremism”. In our view those genetically in hurry in spreading rumours, are rendering disservice to the law-abiding and peace-loving practicing Muslims of Xinjiang. These elements should not forget that the last Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) after having established his authority in Madina entered into an agreement with Christians and Jews, known as Meesaq-i-Madina, under which the minorities were free to follow their customs and culture but they were bound to submit to and follow the Prophet-led central authority of the State. Muslims of Xinjiang, who have all the religious freedom, have fully adjusted and rightly reconciled with the stark ground realities. We, the Pakistanis, certainly have a special place in our hearts for the Xinjiang Muslims as well as for Muslims in any other part of the world but we would warn the self-styled sympathisers of them to please be realistic and do not, in any way, cause inconvenience to these Muslims and always keep in mind the multi-dimensional strategic interests of the State of Pakistan.