Thursday, July 30, 2015

Xi Jinping: China will encourage more companies to invest in Turkey  07-30-2015

Xi Jinping and his Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan have attended the Turkey-China Business Forum in Beijing. President Xi says the two countries will prioritize cooperation.
Two areas of particular focus are high-speed railways and new energy, which includes nuclear, wind, and solar. Xi Jinping noted that Chinese firms are helping Turkey build a high-speed rail line connecting the capital Ankara with the country's largest city Istanbul. Xi Jinping says China will expand cooperation in new fields such as aerospace, finance, and investment.
The two countries have a signed currency swap deal, aimed at enhancing financial cooperation. Erdogan says Turkey is an important crossroad across Eurasia, and geographically a major hub in the Silk Road Economic Belt.
Turkey is looking for closer trade links with China. Two-way trade has expanded to the current 24 billion US dollars. A target of 100 billion US dollars has been set by 2020.

"As the world's third largest investor, the Chinese government will continue to encourage more Chinese companies to invest in Turkey. I have seen many Chinese enterprises here.  Many of them are very trustworthy and reliable."
"I hope you will seek more opportunities from this business forum and expand cooperation with Turkish companies in various fields. I also hope Turkey will provide a better investment environment for Chinese companies doing business there," Xi said.