Sunday, July 12, 2015

Chinese Muslims from country's western region travelling to Syria to fight alongside ISIS, says Beijing

Claims people from minority Muslim group are travelling to fight with ISIS     
Some are then returning to home state of Xinjiang to plot against Chinese    
Separatists from the Muslim Uighur minority group want their own state    
Violence has spread from Xinjiang to Beijing as they fight 'repressive rule'    
But Xinjiang's Community Party secretary 'confident' problem can be fixed  

By Flora Drury

Mailonline - 10 March 2015
Chinese officials have claimed Muslims from the country's western region are travelling to Syria and Iraq to join ISIS - before returning home to take part in plots against the communist rule.  Authorities in Xinjiang said they were planning to strengthen a crackdown on terrorism and extremism in the area, home to the minority Muslim Uighur, some of whom want their own independent state.  But officials failed to provide any further details to back up their claims - although The Global Times, a newspaper affiliated with the ruling Communist Party, said in December about 300 Chinese are fighting alongside the Islamic State.