Friday, January 22, 2016

Expansion of Sino-Egyptian economic zone starts  01-22-2016

An expansion of the Sino-Egyptian joint industrial zone began during Xi Jinping's state visit to Egypt. As one of China's premier overseas investment zones, the area has begun functioning little by little since construction began in 2009. How do the locals feel about the cooperation zone and how is it benefiting to both sides?
About 120 kilometers east of the capital Cairo is the Sino-Egyptian joint industrial zone.
Half of the Chinese investors in Egypt have chosen to base their companies here. And the workers are both Chinese and local.
It's not just the work style, an influence can even be seen in the language.
"I think the Chinese people can help us realize our dream, which is to have no blackouts. It's very simple. They have begun several projects in the past few years, that would be quite helpful in the improvement of the electric supply," Local employee at Chiese company said.


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