Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Trade between China, Israel at record high

T24 -

Trade between Israel and China in 2014 reached record peaks Haaretz newspaper reported on Friday. Calculating completed deals, transactions and plans for future transactions, the tally for 2014 reaches close to $4 billion.
The figure was determined by a law firm working on mergers and acquisitions involving Chinese companies, Weinstock Zecler & Co, led by partner Micki Shapira.
Shapira reported that Chinese investors are "investing more broadly in the Israeli economy."
“We are currently seeing the Chinese also investing in local venture capital funds, which had not happened before,” he said. “At its peak, it involves huge investment on their part in the Israeli market via holdings in companies like Tnuva and [Adama]. The trend will grow: 2014 is just the beginning, and we are already dealing with two more transactions and getting additional inquiries. If 2015 continues this way, it will surpass 2014.”