Sunday, April 19, 2015

China's Welcome Bridge to Pakistan

BLOOMBERG -  Apr 19, 2015

American and Chinese leaders like to talk about how they can cooperate in specific areas even as they compete for global influence. Pakistan, where Xi Jinping arrives Monday on the first visit by a Chinese president in nearly a decade, should be one of those areas.
Xi’s trip certainly looks like yet another in a series of power plays by Beijing. He will reportedly announce $46 billion in new energy and infrastructure spending, much of it devoted to a network of roads, rail and pipelines linking the Pakistani port of Gwadar to China’s far western Xinjiang province. China also looks set to build the Pakistani half of a long-delayed natural-gas pipeline to Iran. The infrastructure projects are central to Xi’s ambitious “One Belt, One Road” plan to connect China by land and sea to the Middle East and Europe.