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Weekly Course Schedule: China and The Middle East - Shanghai University


·       Overview of the syllabus

Yitzhak Shichor. The Middle East in China's Foreign Policy, 1949-1977
·       Introduction 1
·       1 China's encounter with the Middle East 9

China looks to bolster its Middle East reach - Inside Story
Rising superpower: Why are Middle Eastern leaders coming to China? CGTN


Yitzhak Shichor. The Middle East in China's Foreign Policy, 1949-1977
·       2 Sino-Arab peaceful co-existence 37
·       3 The struggle against imperialism 70

·       Jerusalem Studio: China's interests in the Middle East
·       China's Role in the Middle East: Pan Guang

QUIZ – 1

Yitzhak Shichor. The Middle East in China's Foreign Policy, 1949-1977
·       4 The struggle against imperialism and revisionism 106
·       5 The struggle against social imperialism 145
·       Conclusion 189

Michael Beckley. China's Century? Why America's Edge Will Endure - MIT. International Security, Vol. 36, No. 3 (Winter 2011/12), pp. 41–78.

·       Western Approaches: Responses to China from the Middle East and Central Asia.
·       Roberts: USA vs China in the Middle East


·       Keskin Tugrul and Christian Braun. When a Sleeping Giant Wakes – A Neoclassical Realist Analysis of China’s Expanding Ties in the Middle East. Sociology of Islam 4 (2016) 1-26.
·       Lillian Craig Harris. China's Relations with the PLO. Journal of Palestine Studies, Vol. 7, No. 1 (Autumn, 1977), pp. 123-154.
·       Chaoling Feng. Embracing Interdependence: The Dynamics of China and the Middle East. Brookings Doha Center. Policy Briefing April 2015.
·       Stig Stenslie. China debates its future role in the Middle East. Noref expert Analysis – May 2014.

·       Talk to Al Jazeera - Zhang Weiwei: The China Wave
·       China and the Middle East: Rising Power and a Region in Turmoil
·       The Heat discusses China-Middle East relations - CGTN


·       Mohammed Turki al-Sudairi. Israel-Sino Relations through the Prism of Advocacy Groups. Number 8: November 2013.
·       YORAM EVRON. Israel’s Response to China’s Rise A Dependent State’s Dilemma. Asian Survey, Vol. 56, Number 2, pp. 392–414. ISSN 0004-4687, electronic ISSN 1533-838X. © 2016.
·       Yiyi Chen. China’s Relationship with Israel, Opportunities and Challenges: Perspectives from China. Israel Studies, volume 17 number 3.
·       Aron Shai. China and Israel Relations and Future Prospects. ASPJ Africa & Francophonie - 2nd Quarter 2014.
·       Yoram Evron. China’s diplomatic initiatives in the Middle East: the quest for a great-power role in the region. International Relations 2017, Vol. 31(2) 125–144.

Analytical Paper: In the first part of this assignment, you will select a topic related with China and the Middle East. You will write a proposal/abstract (at least 500 words) for your research, describing the contents of your paper and sources (books, articles and newspaper articles – this should include at least 10 different sources) and will send it to me by email on Sunday, the 5th week of the course. You need to email me your analytical paper and it should be in MS Word Document. In this step of your assignment, you need to demonstrate a clear focus (time and geography – very specific) and a CLEAR RESEARCH QUESTION!

·       Israeli PM Netanyahu meets Pres. Xi on 25th anniversary of China-Israel ties - CGTN


QUIZ – 2

·       Political Conflict to Economic Cooperation: Sino-Turkish Relations in the Context of New Era Michael McCall and Tugrul Keskin
·       Sino-Turkish Strategic Economic Relationship in New Era by Zhiqiang Zou.
·       “Turkey Dream” and the China-Turkish Cooperation under “One Belt and One Road” Initiative by ZAN Tao

Turkey and China: Partners against terror? - CCTV
Exclusive interview with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan – CGTN


·       John W. Garver. China and Iran: An Emerging Partnership Post- Sanctions. MEI Policy Focus 2016-3.
·       Mohiaddin Mesbahi and Mohammad Homayounvash. China and the International Non-Proliferation Regime: The Case of Iran. Sociology of Islam 4 (2016) 73-92
·       China and Iran: Economic, political, and Military relations
Scott Harold and Alireza Nader. RAND, 2012.

·       The Debate - Iran-China ties – Press TV
·       Discussion: China-Iran ties – CGTN


QUIZ – 3

·       Degang Sun & Yahia H. Zoubir. China's Economic Diplomacy towards the Arab Countries: challenges ahead? Journal of Contemporary China, 2015 Vol. 24, No. 95, 903–921,
·       YAO Kuangyi1. China-Arab States Cooperation Forum in the Last Decade. Journal of Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies (in Asia) Vol. 8, No. 4, 2014.
·       Guy Burton. Explaining Beijing’s Shift from Active to Passive Engagement in Relation to the Arab-Israeli Conflict. Sociology of Islam 4 (2016) 93-112.
·       China in the Eyes of the Saudi Media Mohammed Turki Al-Sudairi Gulf Research Center GULF PAPERS February 2013.
·       Degang Sun a & Yahia Zoubir. China's Response to the Revolts in the Arab World: A Case of Pragmatic Diplomacy. Mediterranean Politics, 2013.

Muhamad S. Olimat. China and North Africa since World War II: A Bilateral Approach
·       Chapter Three: China and Egypt
·       Chapter Two: China and Algeria

·       Egypt: Made in China - Al Jazeera World


·       China in Middle East: Shifting Role and Interests By PAN Guang.
·       Sean Foley. Seek Knowledge Even If It Takes You to China (Via Washington) Saudi Arabia and China in the Twenty-First Century. Sociology of Islam 4 (2016) 166-188.
·       Geoffrey F. Gresh. The Gulf Looks East Sino-Arab Relations in an Age of Instability. Sociology of Islam 4 (2016) 149-165
·       Manochehr Dorraj and James English. The Dragon Nests: China’s Energy Engagement of the Middle East. CHINA REPORT 49: 1 (2013): 43–67

·       IISS - Mahmood Abdulla: The Past, Present, and Future for GCC Investment in China
IISS - A New Era of GCC Geo-Economic Opportunity with China and India

QUIZ – 4

Muhamad S. Olimat. China and North Africa since World War II: A Bilateral Approach
·       Chapter One: China and North Africa: An Overview
·       Chapter Four: China and Libya
·       Chapter Six: China and Morocco
·       Chapter Ten: China and Tunisia
·       Chapter Eleven: Prospectus and Conclusions

·       Roundtable: China-Africa relations - who benefits? TRT World
·       How is Africa positioned in China’s global strategy? CTGN