Thursday, July 17, 2014

Turkey looks to boost trade ties with US and China

The Middle East Monitor -  Saturday, 28 June 2014

Turkey is looking to develop trade ties with United States and China - the world's biggest and second-biggest economies - Turkish Development minister Cevdet Yilmaz has said.
During a meeting with Turkish businessmen in the Turkish consulate in Los Angeles, US,on Friday, Yilmaz said that Turkey had dramatically increased trade ties with Africa and Turkic Republics but had not done the same with the United States and China.
"We are looking for the ways how to develop the trade ties with these two countries", Yilmaz told businessmen as he sought their support.
The White House said in a report in 2013 that "in the last four years, US-Turkish ... trade reached record levels of nearly $20 billion in 2011, with US FDI in Turkey of over $5 billion and Turkish FDI in the United States of nearly $1 billion".