Thursday, July 3, 2014

African migrants shunned in China even more than you think

Shanghaiist - July 2, 2014

For Africans living in the Middle Kingdom, the Chinese Dream is turning into a nightmare as they face increasing legal and economic discrimination.
Equality is a concept that apparently doesn't apply to Africans living in China. While Chinese companies are helping Africa develop and 1 million Chinese migrants enjoy great economic opportunities in countries like Nigeria and Kenya, Africans that have emigrated to China tell a totally different story. Al Jazeera reports:
There are an estimated 200,000 Africans in the megacity of Guangzhou, which has the largest concentration of African migrants in Asia. Unlike Chinese contractors in Africa, these migrants often go to China without the backing of a corporation or their home country. Legally, they are not able to buy land, open a shop, seek employment or start a factory in China. In order to engage in any commercial activity, many African migrants marry a Chinese wife and register their business in her name, while those with the financial capacity can open a representative office of a Hong Kong-registered firm.

Because of these constraints, many African migrants engage in export trading: They buy Chinese goods such as mobile phones, garments and construction materials in large quantities from Chinese wholesalers and ship them to their home countries [...].