Wednesday, July 30, 2014

22 attackers shot dead in Xinjiang violence as extremists wielding axes targeted civilians

Attack on government office and police station follows series of violent incidents in restive province

South China Morning Post - Wednesday, 30 July, 2014

Twenty-two attackers were shot dead and a further 41 arrested in a terror attack in Xinjiang on Monday in which at least 10 civilians died, according to sources and a report from a local party conference.
A group of assailants, wielding knives and axes, attacked the government office and police station in Elixku township in Kashgar’s Yarkand, or Shache, county in the early hours of Monday, Xinhua reported last night. Some attacked residents in neighbouring Huangdi township.
Local sources told the South China Morning Post that a conference was held among senior Xinjiang officials last night where 10 deaths and 13 injuries to civilians were reported. Six vehicles were also torched and another 31 sabotaged in the melee. No more details were given.
Police have described the incident as an “organised and premeditated” act of terror. They are still searching for other attackers.
The attack follows a series of violent incidents in Xinjiang in recent months.