Saturday, October 28, 2017

Xi’s China to affect world politics – as well as Turkey


Hurriyet Daily - October 25, 2017

A possible “weak and irresolute” stance of the Chinese President Xi Jinping was suggested as the “second biggest threat to world security” (after unilateral decisions by U.S. President Donald Trump) by the Eurasia Group during the Munich Security Conference back in February.  The Chinese Communist Party’s congress, which was concluded on Oct. 24, showed that such a stance is not materializing. President Xi reinforced his power by reducing the number of his internal rivals, increasing his allies, and getting an ambitious economic and political program approved by the 2,300 delegates of the 19th National Congress.  Commentators have suggested that Xi has become the second strongest man in modern Chinese history after Mao Zedong, the Communist leader who established the People’s Republic of China through a civil war in 1949. At the congress, the Party approved the writing of Xi’s name and principles in Party by-laws, which is also the country’s constitution, next to those of Mao.