Sunday, October 8, 2017

Fake News Reports About China & Muslims Exposed As US Infowar

by Andrew KORYBKO 

ORIENTAL REVIEW - 07/10/2017

Radio Free Asia, a media organization publicly funded by the US government through the Broadcasting Board of Governors, alleged in a now-viral report last week that China was forcing Uighur Muslims in Xinjiang to hand over their Qurans and prayer mats under the threat of punishment. They also quoted the so-called “World Uighur Congress” which allegedly confirmed this as well. China struck back over the weekend, however, when Deputy Chief of Mission at the Chinese Embassy in Islamabad Zhao Lijian wrote on Twitter that “This is totally baseless. Muslims in China enjoy good life. Radio Free Asia is anti-China. World Uyghur Congress is a separatist group”. The diplomat was right on all four counts, as the only basis for this fake news report was the separatist “World Uyghur Congress” whose claims were disseminated to global media by means of the anti-China Radio Free Asia, thus making the accusation totally baseless and refuting the Mainstream Media-driven assertion that Muslims don’t enjoy a good life in China.