Tuesday, September 5, 2017

News Release of China - Arab States Expo 2017

The China-Arab States Expo is a large-scale and comprehensive economic & trade conference and exhibition event approved by the State Council of China. It is jointly organized by China’s Ministry of Com merce, China Council for the Promotion of International Trade and the People’s Government of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region. Since 2010, three sessions of China - Arab States Economic and Trade Forum and two sessions of China-Arab States Expo has been success fully held in Ningxia, which has been widely recognized by the Arab States and other countries along the “Belt and Road” with  extensive  and  profound  influence. On January  21, 2016, Chinese President Xi Jinping mentioned in his speech at the Arab League Headquarters that China - Arab States Expo has been an important platform for China  and Arab states to jointly build the “Belt and Road”.
China-Arab States Expo 2017 will be held from September 6 to 9, 2017 in Yinchuan, Ningxia with  the theme of “Towards a New Model of Partnership Featuring Results-oriented and Win - win  Cooperation” for the general purpose of “ Friendship, Cooperation, Development ”. Series of conferences and exhibitions will be organized in China-Arab States Expo 2017including:
n Opening  Ceremony
n Serial Activities of Guest Country of Honor (Egypt) and of Theme Province  (Fujian)
n The  7th Session of the Arab-Chinese Businessmen Conference of China-Arab  States Cooperation  Forum&China-Arab States Business Summit 2017 and International Comprehensive Commodity and  service Exhibition
n China-Arab States Agricultural Cooperation Forum& Modern Agriculture Exhibition
n China-Arab States Auto Cooperation Meeting&Chinese Auto Brand Exhibition
n China - Arab States International Logistics Cooperation Meeting;
n China-Arab States Expo Credit Forum 2017
n China-Arab States Technology Transfer and Innovation Cooperation Conference & High-tech and Equipment Exhibition;
n China - Arab   States High - Speed Railway Session & China High - Speed  Railway Technology Exhibition
n China - Arab States Financial Cooperation Summit
n Online Silk Road Conference & Cloud Computing and Big Data Application Exhibition
n China - Arab  States International Capacity Cooperation Forum & Infrastructure and Capacity Cooperation Exhibition
n China - Arab States Tour Operators Conference 2017 and etc.

We sincerely invite governments and business communities of all Arab countries and other countries along the “ Belt and Road ” to join us in the China - Arab  States Expo 2017, to actively participate  in above conferences and exhibitions  to  present your competitive  products and technologies,  introduce trade and investment projects and negotiate results - oriented cooperation.
For further information or  participating in conferences, please contact:
Ms Lu Jing Tel:  +86 - 951 - 5960 610   
Mob: +86 - 17795100962
Email:  wailian02@ccpit.org
To  exhibit commodity and service, please contact :  Mr. Bai Mingwei/Ms Wang Jing  Tel : +86 - 951 - 5 9 60628 +86 - 951 - 5960630
Email: bmw131@163.com 
Official Website: http://www.casetf.org

Official Website: http://www.casetf.org