Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Interview: Confucius Institutes enhance China-Egypt ties: director

Xinhua   2016-04-29

by Marwa Yahya

The Confucius Institutes have helped to boost China-Egypt relations by promoting mutual understating between the people of the two nations, an Egyptian Chinese academic professor said.
"The Confucius Institutes have achieved great objectives of making Egyptians understand China, and also gave Chinese people a better chance to understand the populous North African country," Rehab Mahmoud, director of the Confucius Institute at Cairo University, told Xinhua.
There are two Confucius Institutes in Egypt, one in the capital and the other in Suez Canal province, while 470 institutes and 800 Confucius classes have been established across the world.
Mahmoud said the mutual ties between Egypt and China go beyond signing trade and economic deals.
"We share historical background of solidarity and civilization, and we are peaceful people who never sought controlling other nations' wealth in terms of the colonialism and hegemony," she said.


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