Monday, October 20, 2014

The Delegation of Turkish Think Tanks Visit SIIS

Shanghai Institutes for International Studies 

On September 29, Led by Mr. Yasar YAKIS, former Turkish Foreign Minister, the delegation of Turkish Think Tanks visit SIIS and talk about Middle East situation and China-Turkish relations with Prof. Yang Jiemian, Chairman of the Council of SIIS Academic Affairs, Prof. Li Weijian, Executive Director of the Institute for Foreign Policy Studies, Dr. Ye Qing, Director of the Center for West Asian & African Studies, Dr. Jin Liangxiang, Mr. Zhou Yiqi, Dr. Zhang Weiting from the Center for West Asian & African Studies also attend the meeting. After the meeting, SIIS President Chen Dongxiao meets with the delegation and exchanges views on major powers’ role on Middle East situation, Afghanistan situation and some other issues.