Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Saudi Arabia admits to purchase of Chinese DF-21 missile

Staff Reporter    

WANT CHINA TIMES - 2014-09-22

Saudi Arabia purchased DF-21 ballistic missiles from China to defend Mecca and Medina, said Dr. Anwar Eshqi, a retired major general and advisor to the joint military council of Saudi Arabia, during a press conference.
"Saudi military did indeed receive DF-21 missiles from China and the integration of the missiles, including a full maintenance check and upgraded facilities, is complete," said Eshqi as cited in the state-run newspaper OKAZ. In addition to defending two holy cities of Islam, the DF-21 will also be used to form a protective umbrella to defend Saudi Arbia's allies over the Persian Gulf, he added, indicating that the missiles are not for offensive attacks.