Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Make no mistake, China's Belt and Road initiative is a huge opportunity

There is a sense that the BRI is more than just bricks and mortar, that it is about more than economic gains.  It is a '21st century reimagining of historical trading roads', writes Sholto Byrnes 

The National -  July 16, 2018

Who will provide global leadership, facilitate trade and growth and contribute to new norms and rules in the coming decades? When it comes to the Eurasian continent, it is obvious that a great power is rising (or, more correctly, that an old power has risen again). And while it will be accompanied by many partners, it is that one country whose trajectory will be most important to making “the Asian century” a success for all – China.  One of Chinese President Xi Jinping’s signature policies towards that end is the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), which combines a land “economic belt” and a “maritime silk road” that will link China with Southeast, South and Central Asia, the Arabian Gulf, North Africa and then finally with Europe.