Thursday, February 15, 2018

A New Book: The New Frontier of the Middle East Politics and Economy by Sun Degang, Liu Zhongmin, (eds)

World Knowledge Publishing House 
August 1, 2017 
PAGES:246 pages

Dr. Degang SUN is Professor and Deputy Director of the Middle East Studies Institute of Shanghai International Studies University, China. He was a Senior Associate Member at St. Antony’s College, Oxford University, and an Academic Visitor to Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies (2012-2013). His research interests are great powers’ Middle East Strategy, Middle East Security and China’s Middle East Diplomacy. His most recent works are Quasi-alliance Diplomacy in Theory and Practice: An Empirical Studies of the Relations between Great Powers and the Middle East (Beijing: World Affairs, 2012); “China’s Response to the Revolts in the Arab World: A Case of Pragmatic Diplomacy”, (Mediterranean Politics, Vol. 19, No. 1, 2014, with Professor Yahia Zoubir); and “China’s Economic Diplomacy towards the Arab Countries: Challenges Ahead?” (Journal of Contemporary China with Professor Yahia Zoubir).  Zhongming Liu, Ph.D. in Laws, is the professor, Ph.D. supervisor and director of the Middle East Studies Institute (MESI) of Shanghai International Studies University, editor-in-chief of Arab World Studies which is a Chinese core journal, as well as a member of the academic committee of Shanghai International Studies University. Prior to joining the MESI, he has severed at Hebei Normal University and the Ocean University of China successively. He also performs the responsibilities of vice president at the Chinese Society of Asian and African Studies, standing director of Chinese Association of Middle East Studies, standing director of Chinese Society of World Ethno-National Studies, member of the editorial board of the journal West Asia and Africa, etc. In recent years, he has visited the U.S., UK and more than a dozen Middle East countries for academic exchanges. He has hosted many research projects on provincial and ministerial levels or above funded by National Social Science Fund and important projects of key research bases on humanities and social sciences of Ministry of Education. More than 10 of his research results have been awarded as provincial or ministerial-level outstanding scientific achievements. Liu was selected to the Program for New Century Excellent Talents in University in 2006, and awarded as Shanghai “Dawn Scholar” in 2007.
The Middle East “Quagmire”: Reflections on What Lies Ahead / Beenish SULTAN
Cracking Down on ISIL - A Long Way Ahead / JIANG Sheng
Will ISIS Be Killed by Low Oil Prices? / ZHOU Yimin
Religious Institution as Minority Representative: The Authoritarian Corporatism in Egypt / DUAN Jiuzhou
Arab Uprisings: Political and Social Transformation in West Asia and North Africa / Mahendra Pratap RANA
The Perspective of Saudi Arabia’s Economic Reform - Internal and External Elements / ZHOU Jiaxi & ZHANG Jianping
Say Goodbye to Oil Dependence? Key Points and Cooperative Prospects in Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 / JING Danyang
The Perspective of Modernization: Iranian Women’s Employment since 1979 / HAN Jianwei
China’s Beidou Navigation Satellite System in the Arab World: A New Frontier of Cooperation? / SUN Degang & WANG Yaqing
China-Egypt Diplomatic Relations and the Current Development / YU Jianhua
Moroccan-Chinese Relationship: The Interaction of “Going East” and “Going Out” Strategies / Youssef HAFTI