Monday, June 19, 2017

China May Soon Establish Naval Base in U.S. Ally Pakistan

by Wajahat S. Khan  LONDON

NBC NEWS - JUNE 19, 2017

Nuclear-armed Pakistan is a key ally of the United States — but the relationship is far from untroubled. And one of Washington's main geopolitical rivals appears ready to step in.  The Pentagon is warning that the Islamic republic may soon house a Chinese military base.
While the U.S. gives Islamabad hundreds of millions of dollars in aid, the two countries are not on the same page when it comes to fighting terrorism or ending the war in Afghanistan.
A report released earlier this month suggested that Beijing would likely turn to countries such as Pakistan as it seeks to project its economic and military power abroad.
The Pentagon didn't provide a time frame for such a move. However, a senior Pakistani diplomat confirmed to NBC News that his country invited China to build a naval facility on its territory back in 2011.