Monday, March 20, 2017

The Evolution of Israeli-Chinese Friendship - Aron Shai

Research Paper 7

The S. Daniel Abraham Center  for International and Regional Studies
Confucius Institute

Table of Contents
Preface  9
The Awakening Dragon  11
A Sixty-Five Year Retrospective: From Mao Zedong to Xi Jinping  17
The Lure of Economic Opportunity: Bilateral Relations since 1992     24
The "New Path":  China’s Global Diplomatic Strategy 37
Sino-Israeli Relations: Future Prospects  54
Bibliography  58

The   study   of   China,   Chinese   literature,   language,   philosophy,   history,    geography  and  culture  at  Tel  Aviv  University  is  most  impressive.  It  is   conducted at the Department of East Asian Studies, the Confucius Institute,  the  faculty  of  Business Administration  and  at  various  other  departments.  Many  of  our  students  go  to  China  annually  to  improve  their  knowledge  of  this  unique  country  and  its  people  and  an  increased  number  of  Chinese   scholars come to the University regularly and are being exposed to a variety  of disciplines taught and researched here, be it nanotechnology, engineering,  medicine, the Hebrew language, Jewish culture, conflict resolution etc.