Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Netanyahu: Israel and China must cooperate on security and trade

ByTovah Lazaroff

JERUSALEM POST - March 20, 2017  

Meeting in Beijing's cavernous Great Hall of the People, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang praised Israel's advances, saying it was a world leader in some technologies.

Israel and China celebrated their economic “marriage” and spoke of Beijing’s diplomatic role in the Middle East and with regard to Iran on Monday, the second day of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s visit to Israel’s top Asian trade partner.  “There is a great deal of convulsion in the world, including in our part of the world,” Netanyahu said when he met with Chinese counterpart Premier Li Keqiang. Netanyahu added that he hopes the two countries could “cooperate together for the advancement of security, peace and stability, and prosperity.”  The two met in Beijing’s Great Hall of the People next to a display of their countries’ flags as a band played their national anthems.  “The Chinese people and the Jewish people are both great peoples of the world,” Li said.