Friday, January 13, 2017

Will Trump Have An Impact On China And Israel Investments?

Shlomo Freund

FORBES - Dec 22, 2016 

Following the election of Donald Trump, many are now asking if the new president will have an impact on the growing investments in technology in the U.S., China and Israel.
I previously mentioned Israel’s leverages that can be towards its advantage when trying to win over China. In addition to what I mentioned, Israel can also be a bridge for China-US relations, connecting the two countries. 
As this Forbes article says, “It is not just for market expansion but also for research and development, technology breakthroughs and funding. This trend spans many sectors from biotech to security to digital media. It's not widely known but several Israeli venture funds have attracted capital from China. It's also not well known that Chinese companies are acquiring and partnering with Israeli tech startups. Israeli company Ironsource is a good example, with its close ties with Tencent.”