Friday, January 27, 2017

Can the Israel-China Love Affair Survive Donald Trump?

Beijing has been clamping down on money leaving the country. Trump’s America First policy suggests this is just the start of the bad news for Israel.

David Rosenberg

Hareetz - Jan 27, 2017  

How is this for a love story? She was beautiful, of course, but most importantly, very brainy. He was a self-made trillionaire many times over,  determined, strong and powerful. But to really make his name in the world he needed her. They were a match made in heaven. Together they did beautiful things.  That is more or less how we’ve been sold the budding romance between Israel (the brainy one) and China (the moneybags).  China is a rising global economic power that now makes the world’s iPhones and eggbeaters, but it has aspirations to move up the value chain and start making its own products with its own technology instead of being America’s and Europe’s subcontractor. Along comes Israel, an acknowledged technology power but far too small to compete with China in large-scale manufacturing.

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