Thursday, August 25, 2016

G20 can restore old bridges between China and Turkey

Editor: Li Kun 丨  08-22-2016

By Muhammet Hamza Ucar, Turkey, International Politics and Law student at Yenching Academy, Peking University and Istanbul University Political Science Faculty                                   

Turkey and China have some similarities in their cultures. The Chinese and Turkish peoples are similar with their Asian roots and support traditional family values that favor strong networking ties in their daily lives and careers. Turkey is half-European and half-Asian, which impacts how its people conduct their lives. They have adapted to a modern lifestyle just like the Chinese have. Turkey is located in Western Asia, but still a part of Europe. Turkey's political life can be so variable, since it's close to the Middle East, while China is more stable. The two nations have enjoyed long-held strong ties in history, while academic researchers have taken note of Chinese historical documents that show close relations with Turkey. Both nations cherish their patriotism, historical characters as ordinary people frequently ponder such matters on a daily basis. The two societies - China and Turkey - consist of different ethnic groups living together, which differ from a number of European countries where minorities do not play substantial roles.