Wednesday, January 28, 2015

The Nature of Asian Politics By Bruce Gilley

Cambridge University Press
September 2014

The Nature of Asian Politics is a broad and thematic treatment of the fundamental factors that characterize politics in the fourteen key countries of Southeast and Northeast Asia. Bruce Gilley begins with an overview of state-society relations, then moves on to the fundamental questions of development and democracy, and finally shifts to an exploration of governance and public policy in the region. This book proposes an Asian governance model that is useful for understanding politics from Japan to Indonesia. By reviving an earlier paradigm known as oriental despotism and applying it to political theories on the Asian region, this book is likely to attract wide debate among students of Asian politics and among Western policy makers seeking to engage the region.
  • Provides a comprehensive look at the politics of fourteen key countries in Northeast and Southeast Asia
  • Structured thematically with chapters on state and society, development, democracy, governance, and public policy
  • Provides context for the rise of China

1. Profit and Honor
Reclaiming the Far East
The Asian Governance Model

2. State and Society
The State of Pardons
Refined Oriental Despotism
Money, Colonialism, War, and Water
The Legitimacy Premium
Hegel and Asian Values
Integrative Nationalism

3. Development
The Spinning Kingdom
An Inputs Miracle
Growth Alliances and Regimes
The Rational State
Contentious Development Politics
Recovering from Failures

4. Democracy  
New Orders in Old Bottles
Oriental Democracy
Markets and Modernization
Responsive Transitions
Consolidation without Kings
The Rights of the Majority
The House of Aspirations
Rethinking the Lee Hypothesis
The China Wave

5. Governance
Shepherds of the People
Macho Meritocracy
CEO Government
The Tokyo Consensus
Judge Pao and the Dual State
Harmonious Networks
6. Public Policy
Big, Fast Results
Productivist Welfare
The Giri of Public Works
Knowledge for Nature
Toward Eastphalia?