Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Introducing the Middle East-Asia Project (MAP)

From: "Calabrese, John" <jcalabrese (at) mei.edu>
Date: Wednesday, January 7, 2015 at 7:27 AM
Subject: [Sociology_of_Islam] Introducing the Middle East-Asia Project (MAP)

Dear Colleagues,

I am writing to introduce you to the Middle East-Asia Project (MAP).

In brief, the MAP is a platform for exploring:
the roots and dynamics of the multidimensional ties that currently exist between the Middle East and Asia;
the ways in which key developments taking place within the Middle East have reverberated in Asia, and the other way around; and
the extent to which insights/lessons from recent past experiences in Asia might be applicable to the Middle East, and vice versa.

Over the past year, the MAP has launched several essay series, including:
Contemporary Patterns in Transregional Islam
Sectarianism in Muslim Majority/Minority States in the Middle East and Asia
"Civilianizing" the State in the MENA and Asia Pacific Regions
Pathways to Transitional Justice in the Arab World -- Reflections on the Asia Pacific Experience
In the coming months, the MAP will release several new essay series:
Jihadi Recruitment and Return
"Harm Reduction" Strategies
All About China
Civil Society in Transitions
The MAP Cyber Library contains an extensive list of articles on Middle East-Asian affairs with links to full-text versions free of charge.

I encourage you to share the links to the MAP with your students.

Contact me at jcalabrese (at) mei.edu if you would like to
learn more about the MAP
subscribe to the monthly MAP Bulletin
propose topics for new series
write short essays for existing or forthcoming series
Healthy, rewarding 2015 to you all!


John Calabrese
American University / Middle East Institute
Dr. John Calabrese
202-785-1141 ext. 208