Monday, August 4, 2014

Hamas hails China's proposal on ceasefire in Gaza

Xinhua | 2014-08-04

GAZA, Aug. 4 (Xinhua) -- Islamic Hamas movement on Monday Hailed the China's proposal for a ceasefire in Gaza, Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri said in an emailed press statement sent to Xinhua on Monday.
It said that Hamas highly appreciates China's position and other international positions that support the Palestinian people' s rights.
Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi urged on Sunday in Cairo both Israel and the Gaza-ruling Hamas to stop the ongoing fighting, calling on Israel to lift its blockade of the restive enclave and release the Palestinians.
"China's position supports the rights of the Palestinians to live in dignity without siege and closures. Hamas wants this position to be developed until Israel meets the just humanitarian demands of the Palestinians," said Abu Zuhri.
Wang, who started his two-day visit on Saturday, raised a five- point proposal on ceasefire in Gaza, saying China is a firm supporter and sincere mediator for the peace between the Palestinians and Israel.
He stressed on China's support for the initiative of truce proposed by Egypt and other countries, urging both the Israeli and the Palestinian sides to stop pursuing their unilateral demands by using forces.
Both sides should seek programs with mutual safety through responsible negotiations and establish a necessary security mechanism, he said, adding that during this course, Israel should lift its seven-year-long blockade on the Gaza Strip and release the Palestinians. On the other hand, Israel's reasonable concerns over its security issues should also be noticed, Wang said.