Thursday, August 7, 2014

China Raises Five-Point Peace Proposal on Settling Israel-Palestine Conflict

Ministry of Foreign of the People's Republic of China - Affairs 2014/08/04

On August 3 local time, Foreign Minister Wang Yi announced China's five-point peace proposal on settling the Israel-Palestine conflict when he jointly met the press with Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry of Egypt after they held talks.  Wang Yi said that China is a firm supporter and sincere mediator for peace between Israel and Palestine. To stop fighting at an early date and push forward the resumption of peace talks, China raises a five-point peace proposal on settling the Israel-Palestine conflict:  First, both Israel and Palestine, on the basis of maintaining peoples' safety and regional peace, should immediately and completely cease fire. Air strikes, ground military operations, rocket projectile launch and others must be stopped. Any behavior of abusing forces that cause civilian casualties is unacceptable. Any actions of countering violence with violence must be abandoned.  Second, China supports the ceasefire initiatives proposed by Egypt and other countries. Both Israel and Palestine should give up pursuing the unilateral appeal by force, and should find out a plan for common security through responsible negotiations and build a necessary guarantee mechanism for it. During the process, Israel should lift its blockade of Gaza and release Palestinian detainees. Meanwhile, the legitimate security concerns of Israel should also be taken seriously.