Monday, June 9, 2014

Chinese Official: Israel “Best Place For China to Invest”

By | 05.25.14 

As “China week” continues in Israel, a Chinese official, Yongjie Chen, granted an interview yesterday to David Shamah of the Times of Israel.
Chen told Shamah of China’s warming relations towards Israel in recent years and declared that Israel is “the best place in the world for China to invest:”

“It’s true that, in the past, the government favored the Arab side more, but in recent years the emphasis of the government has been on rapid technology development,” said Chen, “and that is why cooperation with Israel, which has that technology, is growing.” Chen could not promise that China would always vote Israel’s way on UN Security Council resolutions, “but you can see that, in recent years, we have conducted a much more positive political policy towards Israel.”
Chen and nearly two dozen other Chinese government officials were here for the first-ever Israel-China Economic Summit. Nearly all of them were in Israel for the first time, taking in the sights and scenery of the Start-Up Nation and shopping around for technologies they can take home to help solve China’s manifold problems. The summit was attended by several MKs, including Robert Ilatov, David Rotem and Agriculture Minister Yair Shamir, and was organized by a group called the Israel China Interflow Association (ICIA).