Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Roundtable Meeting between SAM and SIIS

A roundtable meeting entitled “Turkish-Sino Cooperation for Peace and Security in Eurasia and Middle East” was organized by SAM and SIIS in Ankara, on 11 December 2014.
The meeting was moderated by SAM Chairman Prof. Dr. Ali Resul Usul ve SIIS President Chen Dong Xiao with participation of Turkish and Chinese Academicians as well as authorities in Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA).
Within the framework of the meeting, security in Eurasia and in the Middle East, Iranian nuclear program, and energy issues were discussed. Furthermore, Contemporary Silk Road Project and Opportunities for the Turkish-Chinese Relations, Changing Diplomacy Perspectives were evaluated. SIIS Delegation was also briefed by high level authorities from Department of Bilateral Economic Relations of MFA on Turkey Process of the Silk Road Project.
The participants shared their ideas and suggestions, and responded to various questions from each other during the Q&A segments at the end of every session.