Saturday, March 28, 2020

Professor Guo Changgang on Turkey and Global Governance

Guo Changgang | 100 years after the founding of the PRC, will the "Turkish Dream" be realized as scheduled in 2023? 
郭长刚 | 建国100年,2023年“土耳其梦”会否如期实现? 上大土耳其研究中心 
Shanghai University Research Center 

Want to become a central country in the Middle East, can Turkey establish prestige? | Turkey in Focus 2 Shanghai University Research Center 想成为中东中枢国家,土耳其能否树立威信?| 聚焦土耳其2 上大土耳其研究中心

Guo Changgang | "New Axial Age" and the Transformation of Global Governance System [Exploration and Contention · 2020 · 3rd Issue]
郭长刚 | “新轴心时代”与全球治理体系变革【探索与争鸣·2020·第3期】