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Join Us in Shanghai University (SHU) - Shanghai University 2018 International Forum for Young Scholars

Shanghai University 2018 International Forum for Young Scholars
Sub-Forum for Humanities and Social Sciences


Supported by key development funds at both the national and municipal levels, the field of Humanities and Social Sciences play a foundational role at Shanghai University. Currently it covers six first-tier disciplines: Chinese Language and Literature, Chinese History, World history, Archaeology, and Sociology and Politics, with four undergraduate programs being offered in Chinese Language and Literature, Teaching Chinese as a foreign language, History and Sociology; four first-level PhD programs in Chinese Language and Literature, Chinese History, World History and Sociology; and three professional MA programs in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language, Cultural Relics and Museums and Social Work. In addition, there are four postdoctoral fellowship positions in Chinese Language and Literature, Chinese History, World History and Sociology. The disciplines of Chinese Language and Literature, Chinese History, World history and Sociology have been chosen for the Summit and Plateau Discipline Programsponsored by the Shanghai Municipality. In addition, Sociology has been designated as one of the top four Sociology departments in the country.  

By organizing this forum, we invite young scholars in Literature, Chinese history, World History, Archaeology, Cultural Heritage, International Relations and International Politics, Sociology, Anthropology, Demography, Folklore, Public Administration or other related backgrounds to join us at Shanghai University to discuss and explore new approaches and methods inHumanities and Social Sciences. Through this event, we hope to recruit young academics who can help us build the field of Humanities and Social Sciences at Shanghai University.

The forum includes symposiums, academic seminars and a talent fair, all of which serve as a platform for young Chinese and foreign scholars to exchange ideas and explore opportunities at Shanghai University.

Profile of Shanghai University
As a public university, selected for the state key construction “Project 211”, Shanghai University is jointly sponsored by the Ministry of Education, Shanghai Municipal People’s Government and the State Administration of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense. Shanghai University is listed among those statewide universities transforming their own preeminent disciplines into first-class programmes under China’s “Double-First Class” initiative.

Shanghai University has multiple disciplines, covering Philosophy, Economics, Law, Literature, History, Natural Science, Engineering, Management and Arts. Has over 25 colleges; 1 Academic Administrative Department; and two university-administrated faculties; 71 undergraduate programmes; 171 master degree programmes; 13 majors for master degree programmes; 79 doctoral degree programmes; 18 independently increased doctoral degree programmes in second-class disciplines (including seven interdisciplinary doctoral degree programmes) and 19 postdoctoral workstations. Moreover, SHU has 4 national-level key disciplines; 11 first-level disciplines in Shanghai, and 8 disciplines ranked in the top 1% in ESI. In 2017, it ranked among the world’s top 60 universities with a history of less than 50 years, topping the list of such universities in China’s mainland; was ranked 31st in 2017’s ‘US News Global University Rankings’ (within Mainland China), and 15th in 2018’s ‘QS World University Rankings’. (In Mainland China) 

Shanghai University is open to the world’s academics and researchers, attracting first-rate scholars to join SHU through the “Talents Plan” platform, set up by China’s central government and Shanghai’s local government, focusing on the “First-Class Basic Discipline Construction Plan” and “Frontier and Key Discipline Development Plan”.

1. Applicants should be aged below 45, have a PhD qualification from top universities or institutions; plusmore than two years research experience abroad.
2. Possess recognized, outstanding academic achievement and excellent research potential in the related field.
3. Aspire to return to China, be based in the Shanghai area, and engaged in academic research work.

Literature, Linguistics, Chinese History, World History, Archaeology, Cultural Heritage, International Relations and International Politics, Sociology, Anthropology, Demography, Folklore and Public Administration, and related fields.

Meals and Accommodation
Meals and accommodation for the invited participants will be arranged by Shanghai University during the forum.

Shanghai University will reimburse round-trip air tickets for invited participants (economy class, up to RMB 12, 000 Rmb/person, for Europe, America and Australia; and up to RMB 6,000 Rmb/person for other countries or regions. Travel expenses for invited participants from China will be reimbursed upon presentation of original receipts based on the relevant state financial regulations).

Venue: New Lehu Hotel, Shanghai University, No.716, Jinqiu Road, Baoshan District, Shanghai.

Agenda and Contact Details

May 25th -27, 2018

Applicants are expected to submit applications via e-mail before 10th April and mark their applications: “Sub-Forum for Humanities and Social Sciences”. 
Application materials include the registration form for ‘Shanghai University Forum for International Young Scholars Sub-Forum for Humanities and Social Sciences,personal resumes, table of contents for three representative achievements, and related materials.

Literature, Linguistics, Chinese History, World History, Archaeology, Cultural Heritage, International Relations and International Politics and related fields;
 please contact: Qin Feifei (Tel: +86-021-66133228; Email:

Sociology, Anthropology, Demography, Folklore and Public Administration; 
please contact: Fan Jie (Tel: +86-021-66135205, +86-021-66134142;

Attachment Application Form
2018 Shanghai University Junior Scholar Forum of
Humanities and Social Sciences Application Form
Applicant Name


Date of Birth


Mobile phone No. (China)

Current Organization/University/Title/Position

Current working place (Country/Region)


Study experience
Organization/University and Major

YY   MM~   YY   MM

YY   MM~   YY   MM

YY   MM~   YY   MM

Main working experience
Organization/University and Position

YY   MM~   YY   MM

YY   MM~   YY   MM

YY   MM~   YY   MM

YY   MM~   YY   MM

Research interest/ field

Key achievements/honors
(Additional pages can be attached)

Notes: Please send this application form together with your resume to qinfeifei1123 (at) (Ms. Qin)fanjie (at) (Mr. Fan). Please specify “2018 Shanghai University Junior Scholar Forum ofHumanities and social studies Application” in the email subject bar.

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