Friday, August 25, 2017

The Belt and Road Initiative and Middle Eastern Politics: Challenges Ahead

Talip Kucukcan

Insight Turkey  Vol. 19 / No. 3 /  2017, pp. 83-91

Involving  sixty  countries,  the  Belt  and  Road  Initiative   sparked a global debate because of its potential economic and po- litical  implications.  Sceptics  argue  this  project  cannot  achieve  its   objectives as it requires close cooperation amongst many countries  whose  national  interests  are  on  a  collision  course.  The  optimists   contend the initiative provides a win-win scenario for participat- ing countries. This paper argues that success of the project in the  Middle East depends on overcoming several challenges including:  eliminating  security  threats  and  terrorist  organizations;  finding   sustainable  solutions  to  political  tensions  and  armed  conflicts;   and consolidating good governance.