Friday, December 2, 2016

Houthis go to China: Yemen's rebel delegation discuss peace-deal

The delegation flew to Beijing for a three-day visit

THE NEW ARAB - 1 December, 2016

A delegation of Yemeni rebels made a three-day trip to Beijing this week in order to discuss stability in the country, as a US-backed ceasefire fell apart last week.  Yemen's Masirah TV reports that the Chinese Foreign Ministry hosted a dinner in honour of the delegation from Ansar Allah, a rebel group led by the Houthis.  The delegation included Hamza al-Houthi, the head of the Houthi delegation at recent peace talks in Geneva; Mahdi al-Mashat, a party representative and Mohammad Abd al-Salam, a spokesperson for the rebel group. According to official reports, the two parties met Director-General Deng Li to discuss the ongoing conflict, after a US-brokered peace deal broke down after only 48 hours. The US-backed Saleh government said they had not been made a part of the deal and had no plans to stick to its terms.  China is increasingly looking to the Middle East as an important hub for its mega-investment project in international infrastructure – the so-called "Silk Road Economic Belt".