Sunday, October 2, 2016

The logic of China’s Israel policy


THE JERUSALEM POST -  09/26/2016

The numerous Arab and Muslim countries that occupy vast lands and have huge populations are seen as an important market for China’s infrastructure building and industrial capacity transferring. Israel, located at the opposite end of the Asian continent from China, stands out as a small but significant Middle Eastern country due to its stability and economic strength. This was one of the motivations for Renmin University’s School of International Studies to cooperate with SIGNAL in establishing the Center of Middle East and African Studies. Israel’s innovative economy holds great attraction for China and its economic pivot to the Asia Pacific coincides with China’s view toward the Middle East and toward becoming a nation of innovation. This synergy of interests has contributed to the fast and steady growth of China-Israel relations for the last half decade.  As we look toward the upcoming conference addressing Israel’s China policy, it is worth reviewing China’s emerging interest in the Middle East which runs parallel to it ascendancy as a major global power.