Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Conference: The Middle East at Strategic Crossraods II - JULY 20-21, 2016 - SHANGHAI INSTITUTES FOR INTERNATIONAL STUDIES

上海国际问题研究院 主办
上海国际战略问题研究会 协办

JULY 20-21, 2016

July 20, 2016 (WEDNESDAY)
Participants check in at Ramada Shanghai Caohejing
Address: 509,Caobao Road,Shanghai,China  Post code: 200233 

July 20
18:30 Dinner hosted by Prof. Wu Chunsi and Prof. Li Weijian
Ramada Shanghai Caohejing

July 21 (THURSDAY)
8:40: Participants lodged in Ramada wait in the hotel lobby and leave for SIIS Building
u  9:00—9:10  Opening Remarks
Moderator: Prof. Wu Chunsi
Prof.Yang Jiemian, President Emeritus of SIIS

Session I: The Middle East situation in general
Moderator: Prof. Yang Jiemian
10 minutes for each speaker.
Ø  Amb. Gao Youzhen: Some personal observations on current Middle East political and security situation
Ø  Mr. Liviu Muresan: The agents of changes: China as a co-interested security provider in the MENA region
Ø  Prof. Liu Zhongmin: Three Development Trends  of Islamic Forces in the Middle Eastern Politics
Ø  Dr. Mohsen Shariatinia: Iran's priorities in a changing middle east"
Free discussion

10:30—11:00  Coffee Break
11:00—12:00  Session II The Roles of External Powers in the Region
ModeratorProf. Li Weijian
10 minutes for each speaker.
Ø  Prof. Sun Degang: China’s Even-handedness in the Gulf Security: From the Gulf War to Iran-Saudi Discord
Ø  Prof. Steven Blockmans: The EU and the Middle East: what role for an actor that seems to recoil from geopolitics?
Ø  Ms. Meena Singh RoyIndia and the Gulf Region: Protecting Economic Interests and Building Strategic Partnerships
Ø  Dr. Andrey Baklitsky: Russia in the Middle East: from a backbencher to a trendsetter
Free discussion

12:00—13:30  Working Lunch
13:30—15:00 Session IIIThe Prospects of Middle East Hotspots
Moderator: Prof. Sun Degang
10 minutes for each speaker.
Ø  Prof. Tang Zhichao: The future of Turkey after the military coup
Ø  Prof. Seyed Mohammad Marandi: Wahhabism, Brexit, and Blowback
Ø  Dr. Tugrul Keskin: Pan-Turkism to Localization: Sociological Origins and Political Transformation of the Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) in Turkey
Ø  Qin Tian: Removing Sanctions on Iran: the process and the obstacles
Ø  Dr. Jin Liangxiang: The nuclear issue and the prospect of Iran’s reintegration into international system

15:00—15:30 Coffee Break
15:30—17:00 Session IV
New Features of Middle East Terrorism and the Challenges
Moderator: Wu Chunsi
10 minutes for each speaker.
Ø  Prof. Wang Jian: New Characteristics of terrorism in the Middle East
Ø  Mr. Mohammed Al-Sudairi: The New Eastern Frontier of the Da'wah
Ø  Prof. Tian Wenlin: The Issue of the Islamic State
Ø  Mr. Sajjad MalikThe Syrian cauldron: Implications of extremists’ involvement in the conflict
Ø  Dr. Bao ChengzhangChanging Tactics and Current Trends of the “Islamic State”
Free Discussion

17:00-1720 Concluding remarksProf. Wu Bingbing

18:00—19:00 Dinner hosted by President Emeritus Yang Jiemian
Ramada Shanghai Caohejing

19:00 Participants Start to leave Shanghai

Participants Name List
International Participants
1.      Andrey Baklitsky , "Russia and Nuclear Nonproliferation" Program Director, PIR Center
2.      Liviu Muresan, Executive President, EURISC Fund, Romania
3.      Meena Singh Roy, Research Fellow & Coordinator West Asia Centre, Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses
4.      Mohammed Al-SudairiResearch Fellow, King Faisal Center for Research and Islamic Studies (KFCRIS), Saudi Arabia
5.      Mohsen Shariatinia, Assistant Professor of International Relations, Institute for Regional Studies, Shahid Beheshti University
6.      Prasant Tripathi, Indian Consul, Consulate of India to Shanghai
7.      Sajjad Malik, PHD candidate, National Defense University of Pakistan
8.      Seyed Mohammad MarandiProfessor of Tehran University
9.      Steven Blockmans, Senior Research Fellow & Head of the EU Foreign Policy Unit, Centre for European Policy Studies; Professor of EU External Relations Law and Governance, University of Amsterdam
10.   Tugrul Keskin, Assistant Professor of Political Science and International relations at Maltepe University, Turkey

Participants from Beijing
1.      Gao Youzhen, Former China’s Ambassador to Qatar
2.      Tang Zhichao, Senior Research Fellow, China Academy of Social Sciences
3.      Wu Bingbing, Senior Fellow, Institute for International and Strategic Studies, Peking University; Deputy Dean and Professor, Department of Arabic, Peking University
4.      Tian Wenlin, Senior Fellow with China Institute for Contemporary International Relations
5.      Qin Tian, Research Fellow with China Institute for Contemporary International Relations

Participants from Shanghai
6.      Wang Jian, Senior Fellow, Shang Academy of Social Sciences
7.      Liu Zhongmin, Director and Professor, Institute for Middle East Studies, Shanghai International Studies University (SISU)
8.      Sun Degang, Deputy Director and Professor, Institute for Middle East Studies, Shanghai International Studies University
9.      Bao Chengzhang, Research Fellow, Institute for Middle East Studies, SISU

SIIS Participants
10.   Yang Jiemian, President Emeritus and Senior Fellow of SIIS, and President of Shanghai Institute of International Strategic Studies (SIISS)
11.   Wu Chunsi, Director and Senior Fellow, Institute for International Strategic Studies, SIIS, and Secretary General of Shanghai Institute of International Strategic Studies (SIISS)
12.   Li Weijian, Senior Research Fellow of SIIS
13.   Jin Liangxiang, Research Fellow of SIIS
14.   Liu Xin, Research Fellow of SIIS
15.   Zhang Weiting, Research Fellow of SIIS
16.   Song Qing, Research Fellow of SIIS
17.   Zhou Yiqi, Research Fellow of SIIS