Tuesday, August 13, 2019

9 Reasons Why You Should Visit Shanghai at Least Once in Your Lifetime‼️

9 Reasons Why You Should Visit Shanghai at Least Once in Your Lifetime‼️
- Shanghai is full of beautiful CONTRASTS - One great thing about this city is that you can always go cheaper (and find a full meal for ¥10 / $1.45 and you can always go more expensive (and spend $735 per person for a 20-course dinner).
- There’s always something NEW in Shanghai - Old restaurants, shops, and buildings are constantly being overhauled for new and renovated models.
- Shanghai’s skyscrapers are record-breaking - Opened in 2016, the Shanghai Tower is officially the world’s second tallest building at 632 metres and boasts the world’s second fastest elevator, which travels at a staggering 20.5 metres per second.
- Shanghai’s nightlife is diverse - New York may be the city that never sleeps, but Shanghai gives it a run for its money.
- Shanghai’s architecture is trendy - Shanghai is home to a unique style of lane house called shikumen, which combines Western and Chinese elements.
- Shanghai’s history is fascinating. - Shanghai is a young city by Chinese standards. Up until the 1800s, it was little more than a fishing outpost.
- Shanghai has numerous surrounding water towns - These ancient areas built on canals offer a tranquil getaway from the fast-paced city centre.
- Shanghai is the perfect jumping off point to other Chinese destinations - Once you’ve had your fill of Shanghai, if that ever happens, it’s simple (and cheap!) to get out of town.
- You don’t have to learn Chinese to get by in Shanghai - Due to its history of multiculturalism and rising wealth, many Shanghainese speak enough English to ensure that your ni hao (‘hello’) and xie xie (‘thank you’) are all you need to get by.
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